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InterLAN-IX is distributed in 5 independent locations in Bucharest and 2 extra locations outside Bucharest - Cluj Napoca and Constanta. Each location is equipped with one or more Ethernet switches which support all together the InterLAN infrastructure.
The Points of Presence are:Bd. Decebal (Muncii area), Teiul Doamnei (Obor area), Str. Brasov (Dr. Taberei area), Bd. Al. Obregia (Berceni area) and NX-Data (Pipera area).
The connection to InterLAN-IX infrastructure is made through 100/1000/10000 Mbps interfaces, copper or Gbic/SFP modules.
The Technical Regulation to connect to Interlan is available here.
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Interface specs

InterLAN-IX has many interconnection interfaces available for the IX participants. The speeds of these interfaces are 100, 1000 si 10000 Mbps on copper or optical support.
Technical specifications of these interfaces can be found in this page.

 Interconnection interfaces - technical details
Interface type Cable Connector Wavelength Max. Distance (1) TX (dBm) RX (dBm)
100baseTX UTP-5 RJ-45 - 80m - -
1000baseSX MM SC/PC 850 nm 200m -9.5 -17
1000baseLX(2) MM SC/PC 1310 nm 200m -9.5.-3.0 -20.-3.0
1000baseLX(2) SM SC/PC 1310 nm 5km -9.5.-3.0 -20.-3.0
1000baseLH-A(3) SM SC/PC 1550 nm 60-80km -21.-3.0
1000baseLH-B(3) SM SC/PC 1550 nm 60-80km -27.-3
(1): This concerns the customer cable distance between member equipment and the InterLAN-IX patch panel.
(2): Cisco LH
(3): Cisco ZX

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