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InterLAN-IX is distributed in 5 independent locations in Bucharest and 2 extra locations outside Bucharest - Cluj Napoca and Constanta. Each location is equipped with one or more Ethernet switches which support all together the InterLAN infrastructure.
The Points of Presence are:Bd. Decebal (Muncii area), Teiul Doamnei (Obor area), Str. Brasov (Dr. Taberei area), Bd. Al. Obregia (Berceni area) and NX-Data (Pipera area).
The connection to InterLAN-IX infrastructure is made through 100/1000/10000 Mbps interfaces, copper or Gbic/SFP modules.
The Technical Regulation to connect to Interlan is available here.
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Routing Rules

InterLAN-IX offers to members connected to the peering LAN the possibility of making route exchanges using InterLAN's route server. At this moment, RS-InterLAN is announcing about 1300 routes. Currently, the peering LAN is counting 66 members.

 Routing Policy
The route exchange in the InterLAN-IX peering LAN will be achieved using only the BGP4+ protocol.

 Interconnection IP address
Each participant member to the peering LAN is assigned an IP address.

  IP addressing no-export of InterLAN-IX peering LAN
The IP address space reserved by InterLAN-IX for the transfer will not be exported to third parties without a written consent of InterLAN-IX.

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